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Experience exceptional platform as a service (PaaS) in a cloud-based model, enabling organizations to enhance business applications with real-time communication features like voice, video, and messaging through API deployment


Seamless interactions and transactions across all communication channels

Empower your global customer engagement with full-featured CPaaS APIs for developers and businesses


Deliver instant text messages worldwide with minimal latency through our global network of direct carrier connections, extending our reach to numerous countries worldwide.

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WhatsApp Business

Empower customer connections with enriched media, strong branding, and seamless conversations across marketing, commerce, and support.

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Efficiently redirect callers to digital channels, enhance agent efficiency, and reduce contact center costs with our cloud-based voice AI APIs

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Enhance your strategy with Viber, your CPaaS choice for interactive messaging and brand growth

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Conversational AI

Empower your business with conversational AI—CPaaS solution for seamless customer interactions, efficiency, and enhanced engagement

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Real-time transformation of customer interactions across sales, marketing, and support, enabling global conversational engagement with customer consent

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Unlock industry-tailored conversational solutions for optimal engagement

Optimize customer engagement across marketing, commerce, and support with our conversational solutions tailored to your business needs



Simplify financial interactions with AI-powered solutions, offering multiple automated customer journeys for effortless banking, insurance, and financial services

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 Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Optimize travel experiences with messaging chatbots, elevating the industry through streamlined communication and exceptional customer service

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 E-Commerce & Retail

E-Commerce & Retail

Personalize shopping journeys, guiding customers from discovery to purchase with AI-driven solutions, boosting sales and satisfaction

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On-Demand - Delivery


Revolutionize your on-demand delivery operations using our AI-driven technology. Enhance logistics, customer experiences, and business efficiency

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Unleash your nonprofit's potential with AI-powered tools and tailored journeys, streamlining outreach, donor engagement, and mission-driven impact

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Collaborative Events

Collaborative Events

Partner and integrate with us to leverage our CPaaS offerings, driving innovation and delivering custom solutions for diverse client needs

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Marketing through dialogue

Facilitate effortless customer engagement across preferred channels

Utilize voice and chatbots to drive campaigns, generate leads, and enhance loyalty

Maximize ROI and conversions with conversational ads and a robust campaign system


Commerce with personalized interactions

Maximize revenue by targeting ideal customers and boosting conversions

Enhance sales with tailored shopping experiences, optimizing the customer journey

Efficiently recover abandoned carts to minimize revenue loss and reengage potential customers

Enhanced customer support with conversations

Enable round-the-clock on-demand support in preferred languages

Automate responses for 80% of queries, efficiently routing critical ones

Scale self-service support capabilities to handle periods of high demand


Robust, scalable, and feature-loaded APIs

Custom conversational journeys

Easily empower your marketing, product, and support teams with ready-made bot templates and an intuitive visual editor.

Empower for greater productivity

Enhance agent productivity by consolidating all digital conversations, context, and support tasks into a unified view

Accelerate time-to-value

Seamlessly connect your bots to essential systems with a selection of over numerous pre-built integrations and connectors

Engagement with AI-powered solutions

Drive automation across marketing, commerce, and support using advanced multi-lingual chatbots and voice bots across various communication channels


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