Ensure Enterprise Security with EngageNest

EngageNest's application security technology ensures data security and privacy across various messaging services in different industries.


Physical on-premises security

Our team responsible for security compliance is committed to ensuring that industry best practices are adopted and aligned with standard control frameworks and regulations.

We create and regularly review our internal policies and processes to ensure compliance with the framework and provide seamless services.

Physical on-premises security
Application security

Application security

Our applications and services are developed using secure software development practices.

Application security testing is conducted to eliminate any vulnerabilities before deployment in production environments.

Infrastructure security and availability

We guarantee infrastructure security and 99.99% uptime by deploying the latest technology and best practices to keep our platform online and performing optimally.

Our infrastructure, web applications, and APIs are penetration tested annually by external independent parties, and any vulnerabilities found are fixed.

Infrastructure security
Data security

Data security and privacy

All customer data is logically separated and not accessible to other tenants.

A high level of availability is maintained through data centers located at multiple locations and periodic business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

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