E-Commerce & Retail

Enhance shopping experience with AI chatbots

Empower customers with expert guidance anytime, anywhere, and boost sales with a personalized and user-friendly shopping experience via chat

Shopping Experience

Accelerate customer journeys for faster conversions

Enable customers to effortlessly find products through keyword searches or natural language queries, providing a personalized shopping experience informed by their browsing history, transactions, and conversational Interactions.

Enhance engagement with contextual offers and promotions, encouraging prompt purchases and customer actions

Customer Journeys

Boost new visitor conversion and elevate customer lifetime value

Boost sales with intelligent product recommendations tailored to consumer preferences, considering recency, frequency, and monetary segmentation

Re-engage abandoned carts with alerts and convenient payment links across 30+ channels, including WhatsApp and SMS. foster customer loyalty with back-in-stock alerts, new arrivals, cross-sell suggestions, and rebuy notifications

Streamline costs and elevate customer service with intuitive support

Effortlessly resolve routine queries like shipping and payment status with AI automation. enhance customer experience by offering intuitive text, voice, and video-based support for complex concerns

Support customers in multiple languages around the clock, automating delivery updates and handling return and replacement requests


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