Revolutionize customer interaction with automated conversational engagement on Viber

Elevate Customer Engagement Across Sales, Marketing, and Support Journeys with Our Viber Chatbot Solution


Viber integration for rich messaging

Enhance your communication strategy by integrating Viber with our CPaaS solutions

Utilize Viber's rich messaging features, including multimedia content, interactive buttons, and read receipts, to engage your audience with visually appealing and interactive messages

Deliver personalized experiences that leave a lasting impact

communication strategy
 2-Way Conversations

Seamless two-way communication

Foster seamless two-way communication with Viber through our CPaaS platform

Enable real-time interactions, allowing customers to respond and engage effortlessly

Whether it's customer support, marketing campaigns, or transaction alerts, Viber's capabilities combined with CPaaS ensure efficient and responsive communication

Global reach with Viber CPaaS

Expand your reach and connect with audiences around the world using Viber's global presence, powered by our CPaaS solutions

Reach users across various countries and time zones, ensuring that your messages are delivered promptly and effectively

Viber and CPaaS together offer a powerful means to connect with a diverse and widespread audience

Global Reach

Viber features and capabilities

Elevate your brand with interactive business messaging

Establish trust with a verified business account on Viber for enhanced customer engagement

Seamless omnichannel messaging with SMS failover

Diversify Communication Channels with IP Messaging and SMS Fallback for Real-time Delivery

Enhanced security and engagement with rich media options

Engage customers with encrypted rich media messaging, elevating conversations

Cost-efficiency meets personalization with long messages

Unlock cost efficiency with Viber business messaging's extended character limit for personalization

Expand your world-wide reach with AI-driven CPaaS tools

Global connectivity

Expand your reach worldwide using Viber with CPaaS, ensuring international communication at your fingertips

Rich engagement

Elevate audience engagement with Viber through CPaaS, delivering immersive multimedia content and interactive messaging experiences

Real-time interaction

Enable instant and responsive customer interactions by integrating Viber with CPaaS, fostering real-time engagement and support

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